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A Sanctuary of the Thelemic Golden Dawn
A TTO Affiliate and proud supporter of the Aleister Crowley Foundation


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

This site is dedicated to expressions of the Divine Feminine within the Thelemic Current and in particular the goddess Nuit. The Priory of Nuit is an affiliate body of TTO and hosts the self initiation documents of the Order of the Thelemic Golden Dawn (TGD). The Priory of Nuit is proud to be a strong supporter of the Aleister Crowley Foundation, promoting unity within the Thelemic Community.

The Priory of Nuit (formerly the Logos Sanctuary) of the Order of the Thelemic Golden Dawn is administered by Frater Praemonstro in service to the A.A.

In 2010 e.v. Frater P. voluntary renounced his titles of Adeptus Exemptus in the Supreme Magus' College of the SRCF, 32° Scottish Rite Mason, and Adept of the TGD, and retired into the inner sanctum of the Silver Star. Frater P. continues his work by supporting sincere students of the TGD and through the essays on this site and other projects.

It is the True Will of Frater P. to focus on the initiatory path. The law is for all, but the initiate is not content to merely follow a Prophet, Christos, or Guru. The initiate would discover the spark of the divine within and be united to the beloved. Undertaking the path of initiation is to follow in the footsteps of the prophet, to do as the prophet did, and to become like the prophet oneself.

If the methods that the prophet taught do not lead to our own experiences of vision and voice, then they are of no use. For this reason does our oath insist that we rely on ourselves only, and the teacher within, the Holy Guardian Angel.

Thelema stands as an interim Word of the Grandmaster. The task of the initiate is to discover hir own word. Dig deep, for there is marrow in the bone.

Love is the law, love under will.

Frater P.
Collegium Sanctum Sanctorum

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