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    Here is information regarding the Tarot Oaths of Self-Initiation. You can use the Tarot Oaths as an independent System of Self-Initiation to further consecrate yourself to the Great Work. Some members like to combine them with their grade work in the Order by way of correspondence with the Paths on the Tree of Life, but this is not necessary. It is not a requirement for you to take these Oaths or to use this particular system of self-initiation. If you decide to work with the Tarot Oaths, we suggest you do so after the Neophyte (or Zelator) initiation. There is no need for you to send any of the Tarot Oaths to us after their completion. They are for your own personal use in the Great Work.

    You start with the Oath of "The Universe" (Au XXI) and you end with the Oath of "The Fool" (Atu 0) to correspond with the Way of the Ascending Serpent of Initiation on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, which is the Path of the Magician. This Self-Initiation System of Tarot can be completed within a matter of two years or more. The longer you take to complete each Oath, the stronger will be your own development and experience of the lessons of each Oath. One month, however, seems to be a standard time for each Oath, so that you may complete the entire course of Self-Initiation within 22 months. You should only take one Oath per month or longer.

    Here is the section of the first Oath of "The Universe" concerning which you will need some basic information. This same information will also apply to all of the other Oaths, but it will be modified to accord with the date on which you actually take each Oath.

    This Magick Oath is designed so that I, _______________________, an Aspirant of the Great Work, may assert and affirm my Will to manifest, experience and integrate the Occult Force of the Atu of Thoth called "The Universe," on this day, __________________, ________ e.v., during year __________ in the New Aeon of Horus. May the One Lord of Initiation witness this, my Magick Oath; and may S/He guide me in all my ways.

    Here is the manner by which to date the Oaths:

    The day is the date you take the Oath. For example: 21 March, 2003 e.v. (e.v. stands for the Latin "era vulgari," which means "in the common era"). Currently it is year IVxii (100) in the Aeon of Horus. It changes every Vernal Equinox (Spring). This is the manner by which we designate the years of the New Aeon of Horus. IV=88 or four cycles of 22 (22 relates to the Tarot Trumps 0-XXI). The small xii=12. Thus IVxii=88+12=100.

    You may use either your public name or a magical name/motto to write your name and sign the Oaths in all of the necessary places. We suggest the latter, that is, a magical name/motto that represents your Will or Aspiration to do the Great Work via this particular Order method of Self-Initiation.

    We also suggest you obtain two books to properly assist you in the work of understanding the occult nature and symbolism of the 22 Atu of Thoth (Major Arcana of Tarot). These are: (1) The Book of Thoth, by Aleister Crowley, and (2) The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages, by Paul Foster Case. Both of these books should be thoroughly studied by you in connection with the Self-Initiation Oaths of Tarot. They will give you a general scope of the spiritual and psychological work to be done for each Oath.

The Oaths

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