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By David Cherubim
(Frater Aurora Aureae)
Copyright © 1992 e.v.
The Order of the
Thelemic Golden Dawn.


O Thou Mighty and Unconquerable One,
Thou Warrior Lord of the Blazing Sun!
O Master of the Great War of Eternity,
Thou Lord of Battle, Blood and Victory:
Thee I invoke from the Sphere of Severity!

O Thou, the Almighty and Invincible Lord,
Thou God of the Blood shed by the Sword!
Leader of the dreadful Host of Soldiery,
Invincible Ruler of the Celestial Army:
Thee I invoke from the Sphere of Severity!

O Thou Lord of the Eagle and the Snake,
Ruler of the Sign of Stars I partake!
Great Lord of Death and the Holy Mystery
Of Divine Resurrection and Immortality:
Thee I invoke from the Sphere of Severity!

O Thou Lord of the Great Ram of Fire,
Thou Royal Emperor of the Flaming Empire!
O Lord exalted in the Goat of Liberty --
The Holy Horned God of Lust and Lechery:
Thee I invoke from the Sphere of Severity!

For it is I, the Chosen Warrior Priest
Of the Terrible God enthroned in the East!
Therefore I invoke, and I implore of Thee
To come Thou forth and to be one with me,
O Warrior Lord of the Sphere of Severity!


By the Seal of the Flaming Red Stars!
By the Sigil of the Red Planet Mars!
By the Might of this Holy Sword I bare!
And by the Words of Power I do declare:
Mars is invoked from the Inscrutable Air!

By the Mystery of my Holy Cloak of Red!
By the Dangers of the Holy Path I tread!
By the Magick of the Holy Ring I wear!
And by the Star on the Holy Lamen I bare:
Mars is invoked for the coming Warfare!

By the Power of the Stele in the East!
By the Word of the Book of the Beast!
By virtue of the Ordeal of this Rite!
And by the Strength of my Will to Fight:
Mars is invoked to stir me with Might!

By all the Grand Promises of The Word!
By all the Spells and Curses Unheard!
By every sharp pang of Justice and Fear!
And by the Red Eye which sheds no Tear:
Mars is invoked from the Red-Ruby Sphere!

By Ra-Hoor-Khuit, and by Elohim Gibor!
By Holy Kamael and the Seraphim I adore!
By Khem, Mentu and the Great God Hoor!
By Ares, Mars, Hachiman and Mighty Thor:
Mars is invoked for the coming Holy War!

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