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Official Holy Book of
the Order of the
(Thelemic Golden Dawn)

Received by
David Cherubim
(Frater Aurora Aureae)
in the year 1988 e.v.

1. Bhakti Magick is the Sacred Art of Love and Devotion for All, through Selfless Service and Eternal Worship of the Highest, Whose Name is Inscrutable, and Ineffable, and Immeasurable.

2. It is the Absolute Science of Will and the True Method of Religion. Those who dare to partake of its innumerable lofty treasures are chosen by the Word of the Aeon for the pure possibility of Eternal Freedom and Life.

3. Only by consummating this secret Primal Art of the Gods canst thou approach the Hidden Portal of the Secret Order of All. This ye must do; for verily, All Are Called.

4. And only by consuming in Thy Soul the secret Immortal Soma of this Most Holy Science of the Gods canst thou attain the Unattainable. And this ye must do; for verily, All Are Chosen.

5. Now therefore that ye may know that this Royal Art is the True Way of the Word of the Wise, I shall endeavor to convey to ye the sweet fruits of its mystick excellence! Listen well, O ye chosen ones of the Aeon; for I speak the truth; and My sacred words of wisdom are majestic keys to unveil the Holy and Ineffable Mysteries of the Grand Temple of Love.

6. Truly this Bhakti Magick is the Middle Way! Neither white nor black, but beyond all extremes. Yea! it is the Noble Path of Equilibrium, and of Harmony, and of Peace.

7. Therefore thou canst not search for nor cultivate its perfect nature; for this Most Holy Art is the Supreme Craft of Love; and to seek Love is to deny Love.

8. Come hither, O ye infinite gods of this New Aeon of Horus; and take refuge with Me in this Law of Love! It shall consume thy minds to ashes; and Thou wilt know the Secret of All Secrets and the Mystery of All Mysteries.

9. Thus is wisdom revealed. And in the refuge of the Law prevaileth the true order of all things. Seek Wisdom! and know: All is Love.

10. Now this Bhakti Magick is the One Key to doing Thy True Will. For is not Thy Chosen Path the noble outcome of Thy Soul’s pure devotion to serve All?

11. Love is the Law! and every true Act of Will is in accordance with that Law. Therefore ye must Love Under Will, as it is written in Liber Legis. And thou shalt fulfil this One Law by observing in thine heart and life the mighty expression of the Supreme Magical Formula of the New Aeon: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

12. This is thy Magick; and it is thy perfect code of conduct, whereby ye shall adore and worship the Sun, the Lord of this Magnificent and Illustrious New Aeon. A True Magical Bhakta, or Magus of Love, becomes the Sun Himself, and transmutes all other things into the pure reality of His Infinite Splendour of Light, Life, Love and Liberty.

13. But there is also that Secret Bhakti Magick of which it is unlawful for Me to convey.

14. Nevertheless, if thou art an Adept of the Most Sacred Mysteries of this most precious Art of Love, then I say unto thee, Do thou constantly endeavor to Enflame Thyself in Praying!

15. And may the Lord kindle in ye the Sacred Fire of His Love and the Mighty Flame of His Eternal Charity!

16. But always know that ye should also keep sacred and secret the chief wisdom of that which is "sweeter than honey, and stronger than a lion."

17. Moreover, the secret of the Elixir of Life, and of the Alkhemical Stone of Our Magnum Opus, must be suggested in numinous and arcane symbols.

18. For words alone are incapable of expressing the sweet sublimity of this Most Absolute Science of Nature. They tend to mislead a man by giving to him only a fragment of the truth.

19. Truth is experience! and all arcane symbols of the Holy Mysteries of Our Bhakti Magick are pure reflections of those sacred things which they express, whereby ye can attain a secret glimpse into The Beyond; yea, into The Beyond!

20. But ye who are not yet ready to comprehend nor perform that Most Royal Work of the Gods shall discover in this Holy Book of Agape other means to satisfy thy divine quest for Magical Power.

21. True Devotion to All is in Thy True Will to be All! All is in Thee; and Thou art eternally bound to express thine infinite All, even in the Worlds To Come, Amen.

22. When thou dost fully realize that sublime reality of thine own True Self, eliminating all other ideas which oppose that Supreme Truth, then shalt Thou truly possess All Magical Power, according to the Wisdom of the Word of the Wise.

23. When thou art not, ye shall be! This is freedom; yea, verily, this is freedom! For He who is All is not bound by the terrible fetters of Reason in His Magical Task of accomplishing the Great Work.

24. Reason says: I am Self! but he is a liar, and a thief, and a murderer. He possesseth neither power nor life: he is a mere instrument of the Will.

25. Ye must not listen to the false voice of thy Reason; but in the pure rapture of silence hear the Voice of thine All. This is the True Voice of Man, and it is the Word of His own True Will. And know that this Great Voice is Love! When thou dost hear that Word, through undeviating devotion and divine enforcement, let it penetrate all things by witnessing in thy consciousness the Absolute Presence of thine own True Self everywhere. And unceasingly serve All, lest All should fail thee in the fulfillment of Thy Noble Magical Quest for Freedom.

26. Wherefore thou must become All, O Thou Magical Devotee of Pan! Thus shalt thou be able to interpret and understand every event and thing as a necessary mode of expression for the beloved manifestation of Thy True Will of the Sun.

27. This is the greatest Act of Love: to see All in All, and to be All in All. Unto such a man who can accomplish this is granted the lofty treasures of Our Bhakti Magick, which alloweth for a man to pursue his own course without clash or conflict. Hence he possesseth Eternal Freedom! And his desires are fulfilled in all the worlds!

28. Now the seeds of Agape have been sown. Shalt thou bring to harvest these sweet seeds of infinite bliss? If it by Thy Will, So be it! For only ye can make fruitful that which I have spoken. But know that ye must love for Love’s sake alone, just as ye must fulfil Thy Will without lust of result. And behold! These numinous seeds of Love will blossom into a most beautiful garden of infinite delights, wherein ye shall discover and devote yourselves unto the Knowledge and Conversation of your own True Will; yea, unto the Knowledge and Conversation of your own True Will.

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