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Official Holy Book of
the Order of the
(Thelemic Golden Dawn)

Received by
David Cherubim
(Frater Aurora Aureae)
in the year 1988 e.v.

1. These immortal words are the triumphant laughter of the Gods which thundereth forth from the Palace of the Stars.

2. These words are the secret bliss of many aeons of time. Know thou this holy truth, and be thou nourished in thy Soul with the Mirth of the Stars; yea, with the Mirth of the Stars.

3. These words are Vast Wings of Truth which shall uplift thee into the Unknown Palace of the Heart where We live in the Undying Flame of the One Transcendental Glory.

4. Behold these outer signs of Our Celestial Trance; how they transfer an ineffable wonder of unspeakable awe!

5. Oh awake! and arise! For thy Light is come!

6. We are secretly concealed in these eternal words to inspire thine aspiration to the Most High.

7. Interpret these words with the One Light of the Ages; and lo! thou shalt affirm that One Light in thy Heart of Hearts, so that thou mayest attain to the Palace of the Stars!

8. There is an Holy City with twelve precious stones of wisdom hidden therein.

9. If men will but discover that Holy City of sacred beauty, with its twelve revelations of holy splendour, they will soon realize the Ineffable Centre of the Palace of the Stars from whence We come. It abides in deep silence: It is within.

10. There is a secret Centre unknown to the many.

11. That secret Centre is the Invisible Abode of the Palace of Our Holy Race of Immortal Gods.

12. From this Great Unknown Centre there come forth the Mighty Sounds of Many Rivers of Mystic Fire to bring forth from the hearts of men the inevitable life of divine bliss.

13. Neither above nor below, neither within nor without, there moves this Mysterious Centre of the Palace of the Stars.

14. As thou wilt, so shalt thou attain it: for there are no fixed rules to procure the Crown of the Ages! This We must reveal, lest men should fail.

15. All methods are true in themselves; and if thou wilt, they shall all uplift thee to the Centre of it all.

16. If thou dost enter the Centre of it all through the Four Gates of the Law, surely thou shalt partake of the Perpetual Sabbath of the Gods.

17. Or shouldest thou enter through all Ten Gates of the Tree, surely thou shalt partake of the same sabbath.

18. Or shouldest thou enter through the Twenty-two Gates, surely thou shalt also partake of the same sabbath.

19. Or if thou shouldest enter through any other gate or gates of true initiation, surely thou shalt also partake of the same secret sabbath.

20. For the Work is One, and the Aim is One, and the End is One.

21. Our holy laughter is the Milk of the Stars which shall nourish thine higher aspiration no matter what method thou dost adopt for thy great journey to the Ineffable Glory of the Aeons of Time.

22. So perceive thou the Spirit of these symbolic hieroglyphs of wisdom, and We shall uplift thee to the Palace of the Stars.

23. A trance of unity is come upon ye: there is an orgasm of light; there is an overwhelming ecstasy of passionate bliss.

24. These Wings of Truth are a dissolution into the Infinite, and beyond the Infinite.

25. Ho! thou canst not pass beyond the Infinite unless thou hast first broken the spell of the finite, the madness of men, the accursed drunkenness of the mind.

26. Oh! how sublime is this blessed chaos of Love!

27. Thus We laugh for eternity. The Stars of the Palace dance and sing with constant mirth for the celebration of the Chaos of the Infinite.

28. It is beyond what thou knowest. Even We know not this Vast Mystery! It is a subtle play of incommunicable and immeasurable delight.

29. So fly with the Laughter of the Gods to the Ineffable Palace of the Stars! And fly upon the Free Wings of the Mystick Eagle to the Supernal Home of the Celestial Sun and Moon.

30. Fly! Fly!

31. For these words are a visible sign of an Invisible Grace.

32. We are come to uplift the chosen ones to the Celestial Home of Our Holy Race!

33. Fly upon the Wings of the Word: transcend thy Reason from the known to the Unknown.

34. Now begone with thy Reason! Fly into the Infinite Beyond; yea, fly into the Infinite Beyond!

35. It is as far into the Vast Infinite as thou canst see with the Inner Eye of thy Soul.

36. Yet it is also here and now. This is the truth, yea, this is the truth.

37. The heart of man is one with the Golden Heart of the Masters; and in the Heart of the Masters abides the Ineffable Palace of the Stars.

38. In the heart of man is concealed every mystery of the Vast Unknown. There the Masters make laughter with the innumerable stars of Our Lady Nuit. It is all within the heart of man.

39. Ere the dawn of creation, an act of mystic grace occurred: the Masters transformed into a Golden Heart with the Palace of the Stars in its secret midst.

40. Now here it is, in the heart of man. Behold the Golden Heart of the Ancient Ones!

41. Thus shalt thou find the Holy Centre and the Royal Palace of the Gods.

42. Thou shalt obtain the True Silver and True Gold of the Wise Philosophers!

43. We are the Ancient Ones, and the Secret Masters of the Vast Unknown.

44. Thou also know Us as the Secret Chiefs of the Invisible Order of High Wisdom.

45. For the sake of men We appear as a Heart of Splendour; but within the Palace of the Stars We reign supreme in Our Original Forms of Celestial Immortality.

46. It is in these Metagalactic Forms that We make laughter with the Stars in the Golden Palace of the Vast and Unknown Void of the Infinite, so that thou mayest in thy turn fly upon the Wings of the Word to the Great Central Sun of Eternal Truth.

47. Fly! Fly! Dissolve in thy endless journey upward to the Eternal Sun of the Heart of the Masters.

48. O laugh with the stars! Enjoy the mirthful Spirit of these letters from the Beyond! Partake, O all ye merry men, of the Mirth of the Stars; yea, of the Mirth of the Stars!

49. Ha! ha! and We fly into the Unknown!

50. Thy heart is in tune with the Sun and Moon: there is a Feast of Royal Union in the Palace of the Stars!

51. Now dost thou see Our Immortal Faces, flaming countenances of invisible form. We smile upon thee, and We kiss thy heart with Our vast and invisible lips of supernal delight.

52. Die! o ye chosen ones: die in the Athanoor of Our fiery mystery of ecstasy: receive thou the kiss of the Secret Masters of the Aeon.

53. Die in this holy flight to the Ineffable Sun!

54. Die! Die!

55. Thou art now dissolved: this laughter of the Stars is killing thy Reason.

56. These words are a death to thy false identity, beyond what thou knowest: thy Reason is now below in its own finite domain; it is no more of thee, O Thou Infinite Soul of many men and many women.

57. We speak unto all who read these words concerning the death of illusion. There is but One Soul in all: all is all!

58. These eternal words are all that thou wilt: strike hard upon them; capture their inner meaning. They also are infinite.

59. Reason is below, where all is a lie and a division; consciousness of truth and unity is above.

60. Thou canst not know the initiation of these words if thou dost interpret them from below; these words are from above, not from the mere mind of a man.

61. We use the mind of this little scribe to accomplish Our Will, not for the sake of him, but for the sake of all.

62. If any man should interpret this holy book, he shall now, in this very excellent moment of eternity, embrace the Infinite!

63. But this Holy Book is too Mysterious for men.

64. To see the Infinite in the finite is a mighty task of initiation, O ye who would discover the Centre of it all!

65. Yet herein is the True Initiation into the Palace of Silver and Gold, beyond all methods of training, transcending thy Reason, killing thy false identity therewith, and uplifting thy reborn and pure Soul into the Palace of the Stars; yea, into the Palace of the Stars!

The Book of the Palace of the Stars: Text
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