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(Recommendations for the Grade of the Magician)

By Brian Goldstein
(Frater Achad AL)
Copyright © 2005 e.v.
Thelemic Order
of the Golden Dawn.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

“The Grade of Zelator is a preparation for other more Exalted Grades, a threshold before our Sacred Discipline; and it shows by its imagery the Light of the Hidden Knowledge dawning in the Darkness of Creation. You are now to begin to analyze and comprehend the true nature of that Light.” This is something you were advised of, or acknowledged, during your initiation as a Zelator. You were also advised, or acknowledged, that “there are Four Gates to one Palace.” What does all this mean? Seek and find the answers, for your own sake and the sake of the Universe. Now, on with the Great Work! The Holy Work must not be left undone!

This could be an exciting stage in your magickal and spiritual development, where your efforts could produce real attainments. It is all up to you. Only you can do the work for yourself and only you can determine the pace. Therefore, proceed as you Will.

Your Great Work as a Neophyte was to discover your True Will. Your Great Work as a Zelator is to do your True Will. So do it! Take action!

As a Zelator, you are to keep the fire burning within. Your work is to balance the four elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire within your Sphere. In the process, you will come to know these elements through direct experience. Keep in mind that, to control the forces of Nature, you must first learn how to control yourself.

You have undertaken the elemental initiation process below the Veil of Paroketh. This is a real process, and not merely a symbolic or an intellectual “thing”. There are hallmarks of attainment, which you will come to know. Even though these hallmarks may have been explained to you in plain, simple language, it was unlikely that you comprehended what was really meant. You will do so when it is your time. This is the case with a great deal of magickal writing. Just do your best to comprehend, and persevere.

In all cases, we stress the need to make an effort, and to assert your Will, to accomplish the Great Work. Continue to creatively apply those energies. Repeated workings help. Then, after a working, let the Magick do its work. In the process, may you truly equilibrate the energies, and be initiated into the mysteries, of the Elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire, and may you attain the four Glories of Thelema. So mote it me!!!

The work of the Zelator also includes work, on at least an elementary level, with the four lower Sephira of Malkuth, Yesod, Hod and Netzach. This work can effectively be combined with your elemental grade rites, by adding the tattwa rites as described below.

In addition, now would be an excellent time to begin your initiation into the Paths of the Tree of Life. This work can be done using the Order’s Tarot System of Self-Initiation, which is profoundly simple and profoundly powerful, as you may soon find out. We cannot over-emphasize the importance of this. It is best to begin your initiation with the Path of Tau, on or shortly after the New Moon following your initiation (when you also begin your work with the Element of Earth). You, therefore, may want to investigate this as soon as possible to prepare.

Every man and woman is a star. We each have our own orbit. Accordingly, each of us must craft our own approach to the work. What works for one person may not necessarily work best for another person. So, consider this Scroll as suggestive information like anything else. It is intended to provide guidance to assist you in developing your own patterns, and not something to be slavishly adhered. The same goes with any other magickal writing. This is the Aeon of Horus! Be free to do your True Will.

As described in the Scroll of the Neophyte, this scroll also includes additional work designed to assist you in developing as a Zelator and to prepare you for the Portal Grade of the Dominus Liminus. So, we recommend the following approach to the work of the Zelator:

You were advised in the Scroll of the Neophyte to begin to attune yourself to lunar currents and cycles. In the process, you may have learned how to “plant seeds” on or shortly after a New Moon, and how to nourish them so they grow during the lunar cycle. You may have also learned how this cultivation process differs during the waxing and waning phases of the Moon. If you have not come to an understanding of these matters as of yet, we strongly recommend that you do so sooner than later. As suggested above, the work of the Zelator is best started on the New Moon following your initiation. During the period between your initiation and the New Moon, we recommend that you take some time to contemplate what occurred during your initiation, and to prepare yourself for the work that lies ahead.

With respect to the elemental grade work of the Zelator, we recommend that you formulate your Will, as best you can, to complete the work during a specified period of time. For present discussion purposes, let’s say a minimum period of one year or so. We suggest that you work on Lunar Cycles. Use each one wisely and well. Each New Moon marks a new beginning for you and the Great Work. If you intend to spend approximately one year on the work of the Zelator (which would be the minimum period under the rules of the Order), you would dedicate three Moons to each of the elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire, in that order (12 Moons in total). We again stress that the elemental initiations are not automatic, and are not merely symbolic or intellectual achievements (or certificates) handed out after certain “wait” periods have expired or certain academic tests have been passed. Therefore, consider truly dedicating yourself to properly doing the work at every stage or step, so you are truly prepared to take the next step in your initiation process. If your pace is slower or irregular, which is fine (zeal waxes and wanes), you might want to dedicate four or five Moons to each element, or whatever time period you believe you will need. If you are working almost everyday, a year (12 Moons) may suffice. If you are working only several times a week, a longer period will likely be warranted. Try to dedicate the same amount of time to each element. This assists in creating balance. Also, in all cases, we caution aspirants not to move to fast. Over-eagerness can be a disadvantage. If you proceed to the next step before you are truly prepared to do so, you may slow your progress (in which case you may need to go back to complete any unfinished work). Follow your intuition as to your pace and whether you have completed the tasks, but be honest with yourself. No steps can be skipped.

We recommend that you alternate your elemental grade work on one day and a tarot path-working on the next day. We recommend that you do not do both (i.e., an elemental grade working and a tarot path-working) on the same day, to avoid confusion or an “overload” of energy. You want the energies you invoke to do their work, and you want to be able to identify the energies and their effects. This being the case, we recommend that you create and stick to a schedule. Establishing rhythms, whatever they may be (do as you Will), can greatly assist in your development. A schedule can help create balance between different types of workings, and provide structure. It also permits “guidance” to “float to the top” as coming rites approach.

When working with an element, you will essentially be flooding your Sphere with the element. This is why we work with one element at a time in this grade. It assists you in gaining experience with the element. Study everything you can about the element. Consider astrology, tarot and the zodiacal signs. Reference 777 for correspondences and read the appropriate chapter from Liber LXV. This may aid you in getting to intellectually know the element. Your goal is to equilibrate (or balance) the energies of the element, and be initiated into the mysteries of the element.

On an elemental grade work day, we recommend that you (1) review your Oath as a Zelator and (2) study some aspect of the element before commencing your working, if possible. This will aid you in attuning your mind to the force you are invoking and the method of the working, and formulating any questions regarding the element, which you may ask during the working or otherwise throughout the day. On an elemental grade work day, your ritual practice might go something like this - (1) perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (“LBRP”), (2) purify and consecrate with water and fire, respectively, the space and yourself, and (3) perform the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram (“LIRP”) of the element you are working with at the time. Assure yourself that the element has been properly invoked. Concentrate on all pertinent visualizations. See it!!! Feel it!!! Know it is there. In this regard, take notice that, with the LIRP, you are invoking the particular element in all four quarters, which will flood your Sphere with the force invoked, as alluded to above. Also, please take a moment to acknowledge something very important - our rites are not merely symbolic, they are real. (Pause and think about this.) Following the working, throughout the day, think of the element you invoked, and how the working may have affected, or may be affecting, you. Also, think of how you are actually prosecuting the Great Work of the Universe.

A tattwa rite is recommended with many (but not all) of your elemental grade workings, following the LIRP. The reason is that the LIRP will support or aid your tattwa rites, which will also correspond with the element you are working with at the time. We stress again the importance of the tattwa rites. They add a sephirothic component to the curriculum which is not addressed elsewhere, so they are important to your initiation process and should not be “skipped” (or done irregularly). You will likely find that, over time, one aspect of the work (which seems unrelated at first and maybe even distasteful) will aid in your development in other aspects of the work. They are all related.

To commence your initiation with the Paths on the Tree of Life, we recommend that you use our Tarot System of Self-Initiation. This will require you to print the 22 Oaths that may be found on the Order’s website. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that you formulate your Will to spend at least one Lunar Cycle on each Path. On your next scheduled tarot path-working day following a New Moon, take the Oath of the Path you will be working on during the Lunar Cycle. This should be done, if possible, in a properly constructed circle (formed by the LBRP), which has been purified and consecrated with water and fire, respectively. The Oath should then be read aloud (if possible or appropriate), acknowledged and then signed (and sealed). You might then take action to confirm the Oath by performing a path-working rite, as described below.

On tarot path-working days, we recommend that you (1) review your Oath for the Path and (2) study (and view) the card before your working, if possible. This will assist you in attuning your mind to the force invoked and the method of the working, and formulating any questions you may have about the work. Keep in mind that your goal is to equilibrate the energies of the path, and be initiated into the mysteries of the path. An example of a path-working rite may be found in the paper “Concerning the Astral Plane” available on the Order’s website.

If the work described above was not enough to keep you busy (hence the need for the Zelator to have “zeal” to keep the fire burning within with respect to the Great Work), there is more. We strongly recommend that you study the Ritual of the Sphinx and perform this rite as often as possible. This can be performed at any time, alone (without any other workings), or preceding or ending your other rites. You may find it to be of great aid in your attainment process.

Continue to refine and cultivate your meditation skills, and other ritual and magickal practices. Have fun! The Great Work is the greatest of all personal adventures! By experimentation, find out what works, and what does not work, for you. Keep in mind that, as you attain, your perspective changes, so you may find new insight in prior work.

In the Scroll of the Neophyte, we recommended that you study astrology in the context of your natal chart. Now, as a Zelator, we recommend that you expand your studies to include astrology in the context of your rites, as alluded to above.

With respect to the elemental weapons, we refer you to Liber A vel Armorum sub figura CDXII (which is in Book 4 on Magick). You might also read other Golden Dawn material that has been published on the subject. Consider all this information as guidance. Make or acquire your elemental weapons as you deem appropriate. We stress – the weapons do not need to adhere to the detailed specifications provided in these varying materials. Many find that making the weapons according to their own ingenium is the most powerful, because the process of constructing the weapon, and working through the symbolism, greatly assists in attuning yourself to the element which the weapon will symbolize. As a result, the weapon, so to say, “gains power”. If possible, acquire or construct each weapon during a Waxing Moon while working with that element. Accordingly, you would acquire or construct your Earth Pantacle when working with the Element of Earth, your Air Dagger when working with the Element of Air, and so on.

After working with an element for some time, and acquiring or constructing your corresponding elemental weapon to your satisfaction, consecrate it on a Waxing Moon according to your own ingenium. In this regard, we recommend that you review other consecration rites that have been published (as information) and, considering all you have learned, construct your own rite, which personally will be the most powerful and effective. Other rites are simply guidance to you in this regard.

There is so much more. However, this Scroll, combined with the materials on the Order’s website, is intended to give you guidance and structure to properly commence and prosecute the work of the Zelator. The Zelator has much to do, so get started. Just do it!

During the course of your progress, your intuition will likely guide you to other areas of interest. Investigate them, and see how they relate to the work at hand. However, be careful not to become distracted. Further, it is important to work in accord with the rhythms you have established, and not against them.

May you accomplish the Great Work of the Zelator, and may you truly be prepared to take the next step in your initiation process. So mote it be!!!

In our Order, the Dominus Liminus initiation is always a self-initiation rite, and never a ceremonial initiation performed by another initiate. To become a Dominus Liminus is a great and wondrous step, not to be taken lightly. May you take this step in all due course, when it is your time, with Love in your Heart and the Light in your Eyes.

The Dominus Liminus initiation is best performed while on the Path of Samekh or Nun. Thus, you might slow the pace of your path-workings once you approach these Paths, and prepare for your Dominus Liminus initiation. Staying on the Paths of Ayin, Samekh and Nun for long periods of time is highly recommended. Wait for the right time. You will know when it is.

May you truly be prepared for other more Exalted Grades, and comprehend the true nature of the Light of the Hidden Knowledge dawning in the Darkness of Creation. So mote it be!!!

We are here for you to answer any questions you may have about the Great Work.

Love is the law, love under will.

Yours in the Great Work,
Frater Achad AL.
Anno IVxiii: Sol in Sagittarius,
Luna in Pisces.


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