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May It Be For Us

The Founder of the Thelemic Golden Dawn (with Dr. Christopher Hyatt) David Cherubim, used to sign off Order documents with a saying in Latin that according to Google Translate, meant 'It is for You.' When I started compiling TGD material on a facebook page (Practitioners of TGD) I figured it needed a new sign off. One that expressed the fact that it is up to us to carry on the Great Work of the Thelemic Golden Dawn. In this spirit Frater P started this website, adding a treasure trove of TGD material in a clearly organized way. I keep it going because I believe in this material, because I think this material is extremely valuable, and because it is indeed for us.

I wrote this for the Practitioners Of TGD facebook page, and it still rings true for me. Thelemic Golden Dawn material combines two of my favorite things, as the name implies, and distills them down to that one most pure goal- the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. There is no hierarchy, no fees or dues, and no limits to how far a dedicated Practitioner can go with this material.


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I had heard, a long time ago, about an Order over in LA, that combined Thelema and Golden Dawn into its rituals, but I never made contact. Fast forward to a few years ago, while researching Egyptian Magick, the TGD Middle Pillar Ritual and Thelemic Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram popped up.

I started to save and copy rituals from the website, but still didn’t make contact. I liked the Self-Initiatory aspect of the Order, and the Egyptian and Thelemic flavor, and really respected the fact that the websites were maintained for our use, for free.

When David Cherubim died in December 2017, it was only going to be a matter of time till these websites disappeared, so I started copying everything I could, even as I started the curriculum of the Neophyte.

Then I started looking around on the Wayback Machine Internet Archive, and found a whole lot more information, essays, rituals, art, etc. Same with the internet as a whole, but more scattered, on other websites, by using as many different tags as I could think of.

This is an incredible amount of Work that David Cherubim has left us, and his take on things has been eye opening, thought provoking, and much of the time, just make sense. The Rituals are very enjoyable, and in the Grade Curriculum is presented the Traditional Golden Dawn version, a Thelemic Version, suggestions to learn and practice related Crowley rituals (and often helpful commentary thereon) as well as David Cherubim original rituals that are evolutionary as well, and make for an extremely well-rounded Magician. There is always something to keep busy with, or to use as convenient.

I wanted to put as much David Cherubim/TGD information as possible in one easily accessible place for us all to read and use. I hope there will be lots of sharing, reposts elsewhere, and comments, as well as Sisters and Brothers putting this sublime material to use.

Love is the law, love under will.

Frater A

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