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Liber Portae Nox (The book of the Gate of Night)

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

An excerpt from a record of 8=3 work.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

1.Once again did the holy anguish fall upon me, and as before did I battle against it with all my soul. Am I not the seeker after the light? Was I not to bare the light in extension to the world? How then am I besieged on all sides by such terrible darkness?

2.And in answer I was shown myself but growing old, withering and dying. Next, I saw my family, my children, and their children, each in turn, growing old an dying until none remained to remember that I ever was. Such help! Such comfort!

3. Then the answer: I saw the gradual extinction of all womankind, this followed by the slow withering of all life in the world, and then on all worlds: yea unto the very end of time.

4. The cold spread of entropy, with all its barrenness, froze and darkened all things. And I saw the last star blotted out. Therefore did I lament aloud that it will be as if all had never been. And in the darkness the angel spoke asking: Is it not already so?

5. Is there no hope, no help in this vision, I asked of the darkness. Does nothing remain? A try: only oblivion. Fool! Think you so?

6. Look again, and remember the wisdom that has been shown to thee! And I beheld the grave mystery of Babalon. Entropy remained, time remained, gravity and death remained, and were these not the at center of all, and of the same nature as creation? 7. And I recalled to mind the method of union that was taught the neophyte, and I invoked the darkness and put it on, and I became one with it. And, at once, all connection to the golden sun was untethered, and I was alone, robed in death. 8. And behold, I had become that which destroyeth All. I had become death and the night of time. Then fell the silent spell of gestation, and I took my place among the piles of ash in City of Pyramids under the Night of Pan. Io Pan. Io Pan Pan Pan.

Love is the law, love under will.

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