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Unus Deus: An Image of Multiplicity

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

What follows is an excerpt of the record of an early vision following recitation of the first aire. It is provided as an example of what a student might encounter whilst scrying. For completeness, it must be stated that psilocybin was consumed prior to this experience.

1. The reverie fell again and I was transported. Then, I, Praemonstro, saw a brilliant luminescence toward which I was carried.

2. And there appeared before me a great stone sphere, as it were, a towering globe in the heavens. It was of White Marble and Ivory, and stonework.

3. The cosmic sphere rotated slowly before my vision, and I beheld a multitude of enclaves etched into its surface, each framed with pillars carved from shimmering white marble and opal, and pearl.

4. And in each frame was the stone relief of one of the gods, prophets, holy men, avatars, and demigods that humanity has revered and adored through the ages. 5. Then I was carried closer and could see that each stone relief was alive and animated and expounding its particular wisdom.

6. Here was Christ saying: Love thy neighbor. There was the Buddha decrying desire as the font of all sorrow. In the next frame stood Ra-Hoor declaring do what thou wilt.

7. And there among them stood mine own angel crying aloud: Praemonstro!

8. Thus arose the voices of the promethean throng from the enormous sphere into a cacophony of revelation, and I despaired.

9. But a voice came to me asking why I should look downward, and I asked is not all contradiction? 10. Then I was flung beyond the carved gods and into the divine sphere itself, and lo it was hollow and dark and empty. 11. And the voice came again to me and said: behold! And I was torn away into the very center of the sphere, and before me appeared a floating dais upon which glimmered a scintillating space: dark and light, real and unmanifest.

12. And the voice spoke unto me saying: this is that which lies behind all of the voices, for it is that which underlies All. And so I gave the sign of silence. Yea, I gave the sign of silence.

Comment to Unus Deus.

1. following the invocation, the celebrant falls into a visionary trance and the scene opens.

2. The solitary white sphere is associated with the sphere of kether in the hermetic qabalah. This provides us with information about our location and the nature of the vision that is unfolding.

3. The rotation of the sphere can be likened unto the wheel of samsara. The many and varied surfaces or facets of the sphere are the diverse expressions of the most high and of all existence. This points to the essential multiplicity of the Pleroma.

4. Here is shown the inherent interconnectedness or syncretism underlying all religious or spiritual experience. The facets are the many voices that proclaim their hard won gnosis to the world, yet they are all but masks of the selfsame sphere. The smooth point.

5. The motion and expression of each magus in turn flows from the living fire within every system of attainment. There are no dead symbols, only the living sparks from the origin of all things.

6-8. All the messengers seem to contradict one another; the adepts of the ages extending the light of their angel, their god within, but seemingly without harmony. The celebrant's own rose among them.

9. Then came the voice of Adonai, asking why the aspirant felt heavy of heart at this sight, and the answer contradiction.

10. The angel spirits the seer into the sphere, which is seen as hollow, the Buddhist's Sunyata.

11. The mystery of the fullness in emptiness is revealed, the meaning of which is not to be indicated in mere words. But suffice it to say, this partakes of the mystery of the formula 0=2.

12. The celebrant responds to this sight the only way s/he knows how.

Love is the law, love under will.

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