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Liber Le Monde

Updated: May 31, 2020

Being a vision in witness of the words of a Gemmus.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

1. From within the enfolded depths of naught flows forth the dew of speech.

2. For it is given of Argos from the great sisterhood that thou knowest and which governeth the initiation of the universe.

3. Know ye also that the end that thou hast long sought is not an end truly, but it leadeth beyond the crown to the jewel that sits thereon; Nuith.

4. Three are the letters thereof; three are the ordeals, three are the veils, and three are the keys thereto. Find thou the Aleph Beth that hath the three letters, and thou shalt find the images of the keys thereto.

5. The keys rise in a single path that is not a path, for it leadeth not to a sphere, and the ascending keys are: The Blasted Star, The Red Star, and The Black Star.

6. The Blasted Star is the extension and birth of the limitless LVX. The Red Star is infinite potential. The dark Star is the fecundity unexpressed of that gravity which the light itself cannot escape.

7. And this is the opening of the grade 11=0. Mark well the form of this glyph; for therein lie deep mysteries. I have said that 0=2, but I now, a Gemmus, tell you that all numbers are naught.

8. Thou shalt obtain the three letters, and thou shalt construct the images of the three keys, and thou shalt face the ordeals and speak the oath: That thou become naught and bare an universe.

9. The first ordeal is that of expansion. For truly, the Magus gives birth to a star through the magister. But the sister of The Jewel Adorning The Crown gives birth to an universe, having once destroyed it. And all who are of this grade are sisters, and daughters, and mothers.

10. The second ordeal is of the swollen ripeness unto birth; it is also secretly the dim white star. For after the queen of the heavens gives birth to her consort, she also nurses him with the milk of the stars.

11. The third ordeal is the recession into oblivion -the darkness through which naught can be perceived, which folds upon itself to harbor the celestial dew of night. At its heart is to be found the heart of all aeons, and of none.

The Comment to Liber Le Monde

The reception of this text came immediately after a three-day operation invoking Nuith. For completeness and accuracy, it must be mentioned that strange drugs were a part of that operation, and that it was initially deemed a failure. The author is hesitant to assert that such visions are necessarily transmissions from a praeterhuman intelligence or have relevance and applicability beyond the seer's personal work.

This excerpt is therefore published with the hope that it provides an idea of the kind of visionary experience that magickal techniques make possible, and not as a claim of any universal truth. As always, each reader must rely on their own interpretation of such received texts.

The title is selected for its double meaning. Le Monde is French, meaning "the world," which is befitting of the text, but the word also describes the jewel atop a crown. The Crown is Kether and the Jewel represents that which lies above Kether on the Qabbalistic Tree of Life.

1. All speech begins in silence just as the act of creation must necessarily begin in negative existence or potential. The enfolded depths are therefore the labia of the Kteis of Nuith. She gives birth to the universe and her dew is the emanation of the ten spheres.

2. Here the herald is identified as the Magus Argos who is called upon to speak for Nuith who remains ever silent. The words are identified as an oracle from the great white sisterhood in honor of the goddess Nuith. It is noteworthy that the words Great White Brotherhood were not used.

3. Previously, the grade 10=1 was thought the summit of the mountain of initiation. The text makes clear what many secret chiefs have known -that the mountain gives way to the night sky- that there lies initiatory experience beyond that of the Ipsissimus.

4. Three paths are described as reaching beyond Kether. Each has a letter and a new Atu of Thoth. The scribe is instructed to find the alphabet with these three letters and use it to image the three new major arcana. The numbers of all three Atu are in all probability permutations of zero, alluding to the three veils of negative existence: Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur (0, 00, and 000 respectively). My initial instinct was that the alphabet mentioned is almost certainly that of the Arabic language, as it has letters not found in Hebrew. David N. Morris was quick to point out that rows 1-3 in column LII (Arabic alphabet) of Liber 777 have only the mysterious entry "Three Lost Fathers." He also suggested that the answer may lie in the Arabic Cabala Crowley was supposed to have learned from the Sheik. This provides a perplexing puzzle.

5. The 3 new trumps form a single ascending path from Kether into naught.

6. The first is named The Blasted Star, an allusion to the supernova (and the waters of birth), the most energetic phenomena of which we are aware and symbolic of the initial expansion of our universe -the first swirlings. The next Atu on the path is named The Red star, likely pointing to a red giant -the stellar stage prior to a supernova, pregnant and fecund. The red is that of the moon. The final (and highest) trump is called The Black Star. The Black Star or black hole is the collapsed star or enfolded Kteis of naught, dark, smoldering, and alone. There is more, but it is not appropriate for this comment.

7. The grade of Gemmus or 11=0 is revealed (Jewel, Lat.). It is wholly apart from any of the manifest grades below, and is unique in that it does not refer to a sphere, has no planetary correspondences, and is guarded by a pathway of not one, but three, Atu. The 11 of the formula of the grade represents the twin pillars of birth, the twins of astrology, and the number 2. The 0 in the formula is the enveloping Yonni of all, Nuith. We are further told that all numbers equal zero, that is to say that all manifest reality is but an expression of the unmanifest.

8. The instruction here is clear, but a word about the second part is necessary. The implication is that no one star exists in another’s universe, that from the perspective of this grade, each star creates or gives birth to its own universe. The grade is that in which one’s universe (having once been destroyed by the Magister) is recreated by the Gemmus (not simply reorganized, as was done by the Magus).

9-11. There is nothing masculine to be found in the path of the Gemmus; Hadit is her consort, but secretly also her child, therefore he is ever under her, suckled by her vast potential. He is also the fiery wand of Aziluth that she sits aloft, ceaselessly tormenting him. Lastly, the ordeals of the path are described for the initiate. Of the ordeals I speak not.

Love is the law, love under will.

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