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The Arch Onyx (A Ritual of the Great White Sisterhood)

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

A ritual for daily use by the Gemma

1. Let the Gemma be clad in the azure of the night sky facing the setting sun.

2. Let her figure herself to be within a shroud of infinite darkness, through the folds of which no light may penetrate.

3. Let her perform the Gemmed Cross by touching her third eye and vibrating STELLA TENEBRIS. Then she shall touch her brest with the words RUBRUM STELLA. Last she shall touch her kteis saying STELLA EXPANSI.

4. Drawing deep her breath, let her gesture toward the west as she will and carve an arc upward bypassing the north and descending in the west, uttering the words AIN SOPH AUR.

5. Then, let her likewise intone the words RASHITH HA-GILGALIM as she traces the second arch from the east, through the south and back to the west, having described around herself the form of a vesica pisces.

6. Figuring unto herself the image of Behdet as a white-gold sphere with wings below her feet, she shall adopt the sign of her grade, that is standing with her arms raised and her left thigh lifted parallel to the ground, her left toe pointed downward.

7. And lowering her left foot with a touch (light as the daisies) let the Gemma just caress with her toes the winged globe below her, which is Kether, whispering: FIAT LVX! And she shall see the lightning bolt of creation dashing downward through and illuminating the ten spheres 'till it reach the daughter below. Yea, down through the spheres 'till it reach the daughter below.

8. Lastly, let her repeat the Gemmed Cross and depart in silence.

Love is the law, love under will.

In this ritual the magess is symbolically stationed upon the path poised beyond kether (see Liber Le Monde 3-5). She traces a vesica pisces around herself instead of the traditional magical circle. The shape alludes to the kteis of Nuit, the folds of which are the three veils of negative existence, Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur. This station is appropriate to the goddess Nuit and the number zero. Here the Gemma (grade 11=0) begins by invoking the mystery, fecundity, and creativity embodied by the three keys The Black star (a black hole), the Red Star (a red giant), and The Blasted Star (a super nova, which produces stellar nebulae, the birthplace of new stars. The secrets of these keys are many.

Ain is naught and corresponds to the dark star, the black hole, from the darkness and gravity of which even light cannot escape. These are the labia of the mystery of dissolution into naught. Yet such a singularity is the seed of an universe, it may expand suddenly and create an universe.

Ain Soph is the limitless and corresponds to the key that is a red giant. The red star is swollen as a woman with child and pregnant with potential.

Ain Soph Aur is the limitless light and is attributed to the blasted star, the super nova scattering its light into a nebulae, the gasses and dust of which can form new stars. It is the creative potential of negative existence in action, the first swirlings. Kether is herein associated with Hadit and the spheres below, yea the entire tree are created by the whisper of the Gemma. The universe she creates is not the tree she ascended. It would be inappropriate to comment further on a ritual of the Great White Sisterhood.

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